IMC Guiding Council Mission Statement

Insight Meditation Circle of Cape Cod Sangha


IMC Guiding Council Mission Statement


The mission of the IMC Guiding Council is to:

    • support the spiritual practice and growth of all people interested in learning about the teachings of the Buddha on wisdom, compassion and mindfulness by organizing regular sangha meetings and, when possible, retreats.


    • dedicate ourselves to the Buddha’s teachings that hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone, and remain steadfast in upholding non-harming and nonviolence as the pillars of compassionate action.


    • while maintaining a foundation in the Early Buddhist Teachings, be willing to include wisdom from other Buddhist organizations, traditions and Sanghas.


    • strive at all times to abide by the five lay precepts and administer the financial and practical affairs of the sangha with honesty, transparency and compassion.



Adopted 11.29.22