Covid-19 Policy

Insight Meditation Council (IMC) 


Policy on COVID-19 Procedures for our In-person Sangha meetings 

Effective: 8/22/20203   Printable version here.

Due to the COVID pandemic’s continued presence on the Cape, the IMC has decided to establish a set of procedures to be followed for the foreseeable future when the Sangha meets each in-person Tuesday evening or other Sangha authorized in-person events. 

Because of the fluid nature of the pandemic, it has become clear that certain procedures need to be in place to ensure the safety of all its members attending all in- person meetings: 

  • If feeling ill, stay home.
  • At all in-person meetings, it is strongly recommended that individuals whoare at particular risk (i.e. compromised immune system or co-morbidity) and healthy individuals that have either had Covid-19 or are not up to date with vaccines wear a mask for their own safety and the safety of others. 
  • It is strongly recommended that all members of the Sangha keep their Covid-19 boosters up to date. 
  • The Sangha will provide Masks and hand sanitizers at it meetings.
  • If you have recently been in contact with some who has Covid-19, please wear a  mask at our in-person meetings.

As the Covid-19 situation is fluid (dynamic etc. this current policy is subject to change at any time and members will be notified. 

Detail of efficacy of masking in preventing spread of Covid-19