Insight Meditation Circle of Cape Cod

Presents a Day-Long, In-Person, Silent Retreat:

Receptive Mindfulness; receiving our sense of experience 

in Orleans, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM Saturday, June 1st 2024

Led by Rebecca Bradshaw – Guiding Teacher Emeritus, Insight Meditation Society


This retreat is suitable for both beginner and experienced meditators; PLEASE READ -this vital information below for those planning to attend this peer-led, in-person silent retreat:

Retreat theme: receptive mindfulness: receiving our sense of experience (rather than pursuing it) leads to a vibrant sense of aliveness and a deeper understanding of the dharma. Please join us for this one day retreat cultivating a softer and more graceful heart and mind.

Location: Cape Cod Village, 19 Child’s Homestead Rd, Orleans, MA 02653. Parking for the community building is available around the building;  Click here for detailed directions.

Schedule: please arrive at approximately 9:00-9:15,in order to set up and be ready to begin by 9:30 a.m.

What to expect: our day will include sitting and walking meditation, silent lunch, guidance and a dharma talk by the teacher, closing circle breaking silence.

What to bring: 

  • A meditation cushion or bench and a yoga mat if you have one, (chairs will be available on site ) lunch (there is a refrigerator, fruit will be available), beverage (filtered water for hot beverages will be available), layers of clothing suitable for inside and outside -i.e., walking meditation etc., a shawl or blanket. 
  • A commitment to observe the 5 precepts of abstaining from killing (even insects!), taking what is not freely given, harmful or untruthful speech, sexual inappropriateness and use of intoxicants i.e., substances like alcohol, and recreational drugs.
  • A willingness to practice “Noble Silence” for the duration of the retreat. Please note that in addition to not speaking, “Noble Silence” practice includes not texting on or viewing cell phones, reading, or writing, and refraining as much as possible from making eye contact with others in attendance. Please understand that guidelines are designed to help us create and maintain a contemplative, inner-focused environment and to support our practice.

What not to bring: 

  • Some of us are sensitive to fragrances, we ask that you please do not wear scented hair, clothing or body care products even if they are “natural” or “organic”. 
  • Please leave your electronic devises and watches (cell phones, lap tops etc) in the car or at home.
  • We love pets too, but please do not bring them along to the retreat. 

Cost:  the registration fee is $15-30 (sliding scale) and covers the administrative expenses of the the retreat i.e., rent of the space, due at the time of the retreat. A basket for Dana (donations) for the guiding teacher -Rebecca Bradshaw- will be passed at the end of the day. In the time honored tradition of Dharma teachers, Rebecca doesn’t charge for her teaching. It is in the spirit of the Buddhist tradition of 2,600 years that  these “priceless” teachings are freely offered. Your contributions are gifts shared in the spirit of giving and receiving.

Additional information: can be obtained or if you never attended a day long retreat and just want to talk, you are welcome to contact us at:

Registration is limited, if you want to attend we encourage you to register early to guarantee your place.

We’re looking forward to sharing a day of silence with you and our guest teacher Rebecca Bradshaw.  Thank you for your interest. 

Register for this retreat Here.