Sangha meeting session resources



The following statements, declarations and dedications are regularly read at each Sangha meeting:

OPENING Statement of welcome & inclusion:

The Insight Meditation Circle welcomes everyone with an interest in learning about the teachings of the Buddha on wisdom, compassion and mindfulness. All are welcome from beginners to those who wish to deepen their practice. We strive to reflect the diversity of the Cape in which we live, and our sangha is a place where everyone of different ages, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and spiritual backgrounds is welcome. We acknowledge we are occupying land which was originally owned, occupied and continues to be by the Nauset, Monomoy and Wampanoag indigenous people.

OPTIONAL Introduction of meditation practice:

Vipassana or Insight Meditation is a simple, yet profound meditation practice that has the ability to transform how we experience the world. Through the cultivation of moment to moment awareness, life is seen how it actually is, not how we think it is, or want it to be. We discover that it is possible to have a more harmonious relationship with ourselves & the world around us. This understanding has a profound effect on our lives. It is the catalyst that allows us to let go of the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of true happiness. The ease, the peace, of this state, is where our hearts can begin to finally come to rest.

CLOSING Statement of aspiration:

May we extend this mind throughout the whole universe so that we together with all beings may know peace and joy, lovingkindness and the perfect wisdom of a Buddha.


NOTE: For those Facilitating or Hosting Sangha meetings, please read our procedural guide (click here) prior to meeting.