The Insight Meditation Circle of Cape Cod

is open to all people interested in learning about the teachings of the Buddha on wisdom, compassion and mindfulness. We strive to reflect the diversity of the Cape in which we live. Our sangha is a place where everyone of different ages, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and spiritual backgrounds is welcome to begin or deepen meditation practice based on the teachings of the Buddha. We acknowledge we are occupying land which was originally owned and occupied by the Nauset, Monomoy and Wampanoag indigenous peoples.

We bring together a community of people on Cape Cod (Massachusetts) who practice insight meditation to support each other in the deepening of Dharma practice in our daily lives. We hope that our practice will promote peace and compassion in the world around us and believe that through the sharing of the Dharma we can free ourselves and others from suffering.
We are a Buddhist group whose practices originate in the teachings of Theravaden Buddhism. However, one need not identify as a Buddhist to take part in these practices. We include people from any (or no) faith tradition. All are welcome!











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